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Uploading your high resolution artwork is a very important step. Below we cover step by step - in-depth process on how to upload your print ready artwork to us. There are two ways of uploading your artwork. The first being right here on the website. The second, being the old fashion way of E-mailing. First you'll need to figure out which product or products you'd like to purchase. Once you have that figured out visit that product or the resource page in order to download that specific products Artwork Template. After downloading the template, utilize some type of vector or image editing software such as Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe Photoshop to design, and place your custom artwork on our design templates. Be sure to outline or rasterize all text to avoid conflict during printing. If you fail to do so, the particular font you used may not be available on our end and a substitution would occur, or your order could be delayed while we wait for you to outline your text and resend. After completing the artwork, be sure to save as PDF, Ai, or EPS file and proceed to check out your product or products. During Checkout there will be

Every product we manufacture here at Newstate can be a key component to showcasing your brands individuality, and marque. Having quality, eye catching artwork is just as important as your brand in itself. quality graphics, means quality printing NSB™ When it comes to designing your custom art to be printed on any of our marketing Displays, its important to not take shortcuts. If you are familiar with designing, you must know that your artwork must be in high resolution vector format for printing. High resolution should be at least 300dpi. If you are unfamiliar with designing, please allow or hire a skilled designer to handle your artwork for you. In the end that will save us time and potentially earn your brand even more profit because we'll be able to deliver your custom displays faster with out having to redo art. Some important information when it comes to designing for print is to always use the templates we provide here on the site, ensure all your images are included and not "linked" in the templates, Outline every text, and keep the important information or artwork within the guidelines. We will have a more in depth blog post on Artwork in the near future. Until then, if

Whether you own a clothing brand, corporate business, or service company, standing out and catching the eye of potential customers and clients is vital. Regardless of where you are, you should always stand apart from other possible competitors or similar brands. With so many competitors around there are often easy steps one could take to outshine the rest. One great tactic would be investing in custom premium marketing displays. Marketing displays vary from dimensions, types, and weight, but they all serve one core function - to make your brand and identity visible. Your logo needs to be seen, your website, services, and even times, hot selling products, should all be visible at quick glances. Utilizing custom feather flags, or retractable banners, and even custom PopUp tents are great ways to do just that. Before investing in our premium display products, it's important to know and understand the type of events your brand will regularly attend. Generally there are two main type of events. Which are Indoor, and outdoor events. Certain displays function far better indoor than outdoor and vice versa. For example, you wouldn't be able to utilize one of our Hanging Blimp Banners at an outdoor event. Likewise, purchasing 4 feather